SMS help service for students

She was excited, inspired and hugged me tightly. She appreciated me but after sometime she was very silent...

I waited for her to say something but she didn't say anything for few minutes then I asked, "Darling, what are thinking now, why are you suddenly so silent?"

She: Dear, I am just thinking about your story, I have seen you, I know you are mentally strong so you came out of that situation but if some other student was in that situation then?

Me: Hmm. You are right, we need to think about it.

She: Lot of students have mental breakdowns these days due to increasing stress, can we help them somehow?

Me: Nice thought, but how do we help them? How do we communicate with them? Through internet, may be?  But then how many Indian students have exposure to internet?

She: You are right, we can't approach them using internet but may be through phone? Yes, most of the students will have access to phones. Can we think of something on these lines?

Me: Wow!! You are awesome. Students won't be earning so may be we should start a free service but then how do we generate revenue to scale?

She: Lets first focus on, how do communicate with students and solve their problems then we shall come to business model, does it make sense?

Me: Yes, yes!! You are right. Communication through phone, we have two possibilities, call or SMS. Call service will be expensive and it requires lot of resources to scale later whereas SMS service will be much cheaper and easily scalable, what do you think?

She: Correct!! We can start with SMS help service and if we succeed in that we can later expand to call service based on feedback we receive. How do we offer SMS service?

Me: I am thinking... See if this is possible, if a student sends a SMS to our service, it will be forwarded to us and then we can respond to that SMS. I think it works.

She: Wait, let me think. There is problem here. Let say, you and me receive a SMS from a student and we are at different locations then we have to contact each other before responding so it is overhead and when we include more of our friends, it will create chaos. Can you think of another way?

That night, I did some research and come up with interesting ideas, I wanted to share with her immediately but she slept already so I had to wait till the sun wakes up.

We will update more about our SMS help service. Now there is video for you: CAREER - Where are YOU heading.

Yes!! Don't stop at what others achieved and there is always a better way of doing things, lets move ahead.



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