Invention of the 8th sin

Oh God, I had never imagined such a day comes in my life...

Everyone in the class were shocked and looked us like we were some kind of criminals.

We were taken to the head of our campus.

He: Why are you not taking notes? You must take notes.

We know each other as I won prizes in couple of talent exams so I took little daring steps here.

Me: Taking notes or solving problems, which is important Sir? I am solving the problems on this paper and I don't have proper note book for this subject.

He: You need to have a separate note book and you should take notes properly as it is part of your discipline and we give more importance to discipline than anything.

Me: I am understanding the answers and I don't want mug up the solutions so I am not keeping a proper note book. If I forget the solution, I will try to solve the problem again.

He: Doesn't matter, you need to take notes, it is our policy. Now, you all write a letter accepting that "you have committed a sin and never do it again".

Me: I have not committed any sin so I am not writing any letter.

He: I will not allow you to sit in the class, if you don't write the letter.

My hands were totally chained, I didn't want to make the situation more worse so I wrote a letter as I felt but not what he told. He didn't say anything about it but he told, P.T. teacher to put a stamp on our school dairy to inform our parents about the incident.

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