I should have told her

I didn't imagine that she reacts this way...

Out of sudden... Maybe that is not required to mention. Everything happens suddenly in my life.

I was chatting with one of my school friend and it was quite some time that we chatted. After school everyone has chosen their own paths for future endeavors.

I was initially confused whether to take polytechnic or intermediate (+ 2). I was one of the top 100 in polytechnic exam but still I chose intermediate to prepare for IIT as it appeared to be much cooler but believe me the coaching wasn't cool at all, there was no fun of any kind, as if we were soldiers and preparing for war.

In Andhra Pradesh (AP), parents are obsessed about studies; and my parents are no different so they hardly encouraged me for sports. Later when I entered into IIT Kanpur, I felt so left out. What did I achieve by coming to this place; I was totally drained with my coaching? Now I feel there is no magic in any place or college and magic lies inside us and I have seen it. If any young kid reading this; oh boy stay cool and only do what you enjoy most and progress further in your life with happiness.

After so much time, we again met online so we were catching up all the updates…

We were laughing all the time… I got a phone call so I went out to pick up.

When I came back, my friend was offline but surprisingly there was more conversation happened while I was not there. Was it a ghost?

Stay tuned for part2. Please watch: Inspirational Video - Tell Someone You Love Them.

I love you.



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