My mind couldn't rest for a while

My mind was full thoughts and anxiety so I couldn't sleep for couple hours. I knew, if I don't relax well, tomorrow I will feel tired and I can't put my 100% in anything.

I said to myself that "The world is waiting for such solution for a long time and it can easily wait for one more night, it is not going to make any difference to the world but if I sleep well, it really makes difference in my life". It worked!! Slowly my mind was calming down, I slept off and woke freshly.

I took my mobile to see what was the time. Wow!! I woke up 30 mins early than the normal time still I was feeling lot fresher than any day then I realized the importance of relaxing mind before sleep. You can also use this tip whenever your mind is not resting and giving you a big trouble while you are trying to sleep.

I called her to see if she was awake or still sleeping. I was waiting for her to pickup but she didn't pick up so I waited for some more time and I was about to end the call, she picked it up and said, "Come here fast!!", and she ended the call.

Oh... That was strange but she didn't wait for me to ask what was she up to? What choice did she left for me? So I reached her room and knocked the door. Oh... Wow!! That was my expression, when she opened the door.

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SMS help service for students

She was excited, inspired and hugged me tightly. She appreciated me but after sometime she was very silent...

I waited for her to say something but she didn't say anything for few minutes then I asked, "Darling, what are thinking now, why are you suddenly so silent?"

She: Dear, I am just thinking about your story, I have seen you, I know you are mentally strong so you came out of that situation but if some other student was in that situation then?

Me: Hmm. You are right, we need to think about it.

She: Lot of students have mental breakdowns these days due to increasing stress, can we help them somehow?

Me: Nice thought, but how do we help them? How do we communicate with them? Through internet, may be?  But then how many Indian students have exposure to internet?

She: You are right, we can't approach them using internet but may be through phone? Yes, most of the students will have access to phones. Can we think of something on these lines?

Me: Wow!! You are awesome. Students won't be earning so may be we should start a free service but then how do we generate revenue to scale?

She: Lets first focus on, how do communicate with students and solve their problems then we shall come to business model, does it make sense?

Me: Yes, yes!! You are right. Communication through phone, we have two possibilities, call or SMS. Call service will be expensive and it requires lot of resources to scale later whereas SMS service will be much cheaper and easily scalable, what do you think?

She: Correct!! We can start with SMS help service and if we succeed in that we can later expand to call service based on feedback we receive. How do we offer SMS service?

Me: I am thinking... See if this is possible, if a student sends a SMS to our service, it will be forwarded to us and then we can respond to that SMS. I think it works.

She: Wait, let me think. There is problem here. Let say, you and me receive a SMS from a student and we are at different locations then we have to contact each other before responding so it is overhead and when we include more of our friends, it will create chaos. Can you think of another way?

That night, I did some research and come up with interesting ideas, I wanted to share with her immediately but she slept already so I had to wait till the sun wakes up.

We will update more about our SMS help service. Now there is video for you: CAREER - Where are YOU heading.

Yes!! Don't stop at what others achieved and there is always a better way of doing things, lets move ahead.

The promise on earth in front of my mother

That was the first time in my school history, I was subjected to a disciplinary action...

When they asked me to bring my parents to school, I was broken and felt very bad about it.

After I reached home, I busted out and started crying in front of my mother and I said that "I don't want to go to school anymore". She was shocked as I never ever bunked school and suddenly I was crying for not going to school. She never faced such situation in her life but she handled it pretty well.

She asked what happened, I told her the scene at school then she said that "It's okay, I will come to school tomorrow and talk to your teachers". Then I was relaxed as she responded to me very positively and she didn't judge me immediately.

I went to school with prepared mind that "Whatever might happens at school, I know what I am doing so I need not feel guilty about anything". The next day our school director called us and to my bad my mother arrived to school at the same.

She was sitting outside the director's chamber and we were asked come inside. We went inside and then he started giving speech about how important, it was to follow the discipline and etc. We were expecting that so  doing okay till then. Next he asked us to promise on the earth that "We will never do such mistakes again". We were shocked, what did we really do? What was he asking us to do?  Why was he making it so big? I knew my mother was watching the entire scene from outside but some how because of mental preparation, I was cool and I let go.

We did the promise as he asked. To add to it, there were some more interesting things happening around. The rules of our director, he gives a pen if we get top marks or punishment of 100 sit ups if we fails. So he asked us to do 100 sit ups and we started doing. In my mind, several thoughts were coming, what might be my mother thinking now? does she think I really committed a big sin? My mental preparation really helped me a lot there. I realized that I didn't have control over the situation so I let it go on its own way and I was at peace.

Whatever happened that day, my mother still kept her confidence in me and the day finally sailed.

Next couple of days, we had really hard time. Every teacher comes to class and ask us to stand up, humiliate and punish us. We learned to be strong and we didn't let their stupidity let us down, we became more focused and proved our worthy to everyone. Each of us are now successful in various fields.
"Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly." -John F. Kennedy

I think everything happens in life, is to make us strong for the life ahead so never fail to dare.

Invention of the 8th sin

Oh God, I had never imagined such a day comes in my life...

Everyone in the class were shocked and looked us like we were some kind of criminals.

We were taken to the head of our campus.

He: Why are you not taking notes? You must take notes.

We know each other as I won prizes in couple of talent exams so I took little daring steps here.

Me: Taking notes or solving problems, which is important Sir? I am solving the problems on this paper and I don't have proper note book for this subject.

He: You need to have a separate note book and you should take notes properly as it is part of your discipline and we give more importance to discipline than anything.

Me: I am understanding the answers and I don't want mug up the solutions so I am not keeping a proper note book. If I forget the solution, I will try to solve the problem again.

He: Doesn't matter, you need to take notes, it is our policy. Now, you all write a letter accepting that "you have committed a sin and never do it again".

Me: I have not committed any sin so I am not writing any letter.

He: I will not allow you to sit in the class, if you don't write the letter.

My hands were totally chained, I didn't want to make the situation more worse so I wrote a letter as I felt but not what he told. He didn't say anything about it but he told, P.T. teacher to put a stamp on our school dairy to inform our parents about the incident.

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Keep planting good seeds with smile and one day they surely give you and everyone fruits.

An embarrassing moment at school

Dear. I am very sorry...

Me: There was a situation at my school which in we were portrayed as sinners and I may get emotional and cry in front of you if I start telling the story.

She, then hold my face with her hands and looked into my eyes and kissed on my forehead and hugged me.

She: Darling, you can tell me anything and I want to know everything about you. Even if you cry and become  emotional, I won't judge rather understand you.

Me: Thanks, I love you. Are sure, you want to hear the story?

She: Love you too. I am ready for anything, go ahead.

Pause... I closed my eyes. She waited for sometime and then hugged me, rubbed my head smoothly and padded my back. After few moments, I opened my eyes and looked into her eyes and took long breathe.

I: I am ready now.

She smiled and gave go ahead signal.

This incident happened in my 10th class. I was one of the top students of my class and my specialty was Mathematics and Physics. I used to be the first one to solve almost any problems still I never shown any kind of attitude to anyone so almost everyone loved me and some of them still loves me. I have deep feeling that everyone has some kind of charm and at right time they will shine so I never used to feel proud about my self. Everything was going well but one day...

I don't like writing and reading much but I like problem solving, listening and explaining so I never shown much interest in taking notes but none of our teachers used to bother me for that.

Our group was consisted of the coolest people and we didn't like our P.T (Physical Training) teacher because of his extras. We used to tease him a lot so he grew grudge on us and waiting for moment to take revenge.

He started observing our group. That day, he entered into our classroom all of sudden and asked us to show our note books. One guy was writing on small piece paper, I was on just writing numbers and answers and like that none of us were taking proper notes.

He took us out of the classroom...

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She is the one

Oh God... she did it...

It was already late night and I was very tired so I slept off without bothering much about the extra conversation.

In the dream, I saw that she was the one who sneaked into my room and chatted with my friend. May be unconsciously, I was thinking about her and that might have turned into such dream so I didn't want to ask her directly.

I know her, if she did that and I don't pay much attention to it, she will give me hints as she is a very curious girl.

I met her in the classroom and talking normally then she said, "Oh I feel like it has been long time since we met and what did you do yesterday night".

That was the first hint. To make her more curious, I told, nothing much and what about you?

She: I chatted with my old friend and it was veeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry fun talking to him.

She was getting more anxious...

Me: That is nice, who is he?

She wanted me to say that I also chatted with my school friend, but I didn't do it. I know how to tease her.

She: leave him now, first I want to ask you something. (in bit angry tone)

Me: Okay, tell me.

She: I can't sit doing nothing like you, how come you didn't do anything yesterday?

That's it. She was more curious about yesterday events and that was big sign.

Me: Oh, I also chatted with my school friend but there is nothing much to talk about it.

She: Is it? bbbbuttt what if I like to hear about it? (with shining face)

She was the one but I needed to 100% sure.

Me: Okay, we did some catch up and talked about funny events during our school times. You know everything about my school right, that's why I said, "Nothing much earlier".

She: Oh, really? you told me about everything... (sarcastically)

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I felt my heart. What about you?

I should have told her

I didn't imagine that she reacts this way...

Out of sudden... Maybe that is not required to mention. Everything happens suddenly in my life.

I was chatting with one of my school friend and it was quite some time that we chatted. After school everyone has chosen their own paths for future endeavors.

I was initially confused whether to take polytechnic or intermediate (+ 2). I was one of the top 100 in polytechnic exam but still I chose intermediate to prepare for IIT as it appeared to be much cooler but believe me the coaching wasn't cool at all, there was no fun of any kind, as if we were soldiers and preparing for war.

In Andhra Pradesh (AP), parents are obsessed about studies; and my parents are no different so they hardly encouraged me for sports. Later when I entered into IIT Kanpur, I felt so left out. What did I achieve by coming to this place; I was totally drained with my coaching? Now I feel there is no magic in any place or college and magic lies inside us and I have seen it. If any young kid reading this; oh boy stay cool and only do what you enjoy most and progress further in your life with happiness.

After so much time, we again met online so we were catching up all the updates…

We were laughing all the time… I got a phone call so I went out to pick up.

When I came back, my friend was offline but surprisingly there was more conversation happened while I was not there. Was it a ghost?

Stay tuned for part2. Please watch: Inspirational Video - Tell Someone You Love Them.

I love you.

She effects me

Yes!! Everyone of you might be feeling same way..

When I first met her, she was way complicated for me. The way I grew, it was bit hard from me to understand her initially.

Being grown up in middle class Indian background, only thing that really mattered in my school days was studying. No encouragement for any kind of fun with girls; I couldn't even talk to any girl in my school time, and that was actually kind of taboo in my school at that time, I don't know the situation now. All the fun I had in my school days is with my buddies, we used to play games, fight for silly things, copy in exams, tease teachers and what not. But now everything is changed in my life after meeting her.

 Actually I wasn't quite ready for her when we first met. Only focus was her sexy figure and I used dream all the time about it. I didn't know what to speak with her, I was totally nervous in our initial days. You know those background thoughts about her figure while we were talking, at times she gives strange looks and shouts in sweet tone, where were you lost? Oh God please help me, handle this girl.

I realized that God already gave me sufficient strength to handle everything but it just took sometime for me to see that. I started observing how she interacts with others. Wow!! she is totally cool and cute. Slowly as time passed many events happened in our life and now we love each other so deeply.

She asked me many times about my childhood stories but I never shown interest to tell her about them. I thought they are boring so I kept on postponing but one day she insisted so I had to tell her. Amazingly she was not bored at all!! We enjoyed those moments with kisses and hugs.

Later when we met, she asked me a question. Can Indian kids directly learn from internet without any teacher? I knew where this was coming from...

While I was telling my childhood story, I said to her that I didn't know, why I went to school and why I was studying all these subjects. Even though my parents kept on saying that if you study well you will get good job then I asked, what happens next they said, you will get good girl to marry and you will have good family. And then I asked what happens after that and they were surprised as the never thought beyond it so they just said to me that you were asking to many questions. I was not convinced with their answers but there was no one to provide the right answer to me at that time.

She was then talking about self driven learning where one start from the big picture and come to tiny pieces. I said, "Wow that is very interesting!!". I was influenced by her idea. We started looking for answers and to our surprise many people around the global are using internet to improve education and make it self driven. Big thanks to Sugata Mitra, he is doing great work in that area.


He conducted several experiments with children of various ages. He provides computers with good internet connection to the children and let them explore on their own. We couldn't believe our selves, we thought, to learn anything we need a teacher but these kids did wonderful things without any teacher. Then we realized, actually internet is a collaboration of teachers across the globe and that is how all these are possible.
"Just as eating against one’s will is injurious to health, so studying without a liking for it spoils the memory, and it retains nothing it takes in." -Leonardo Da Vinci
 "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."  -Mark Twain
"Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is." -Isaac Asimov
Yes darling, It is the time, we should provide our children the power of internet and let them see the big picture and learn on their own at their own pace.

Hello Internet Friend!

I was introduced to my internet friend by Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur where I went to do graduation in Computer Science. I opened my first email account at IIT Kanpur. It may be little surprise for you but believe me there are many like me.

I loved my new friend very much she then introduced to many other friends in Google, Yahoo and Orkut etc. I fell in love with her and it went well initially. But then she and her friends demanding too much from me, I can't spend all my time with her but again I can't leave her for long also. I was totally screwed up by her.

She is a beautiful devil and very dangerous and attractive so I decided to avoid her. I couldn't avoid her completely but I got used to her so that initial excitement was gone then interesting things start coming into my life.

Now she looks like an angel to me and there is so much to explore in her. She knows many things like my engineering subjects, human evolution, politics, sports and what not. She even talks about GOD. Then one day I asked what are you, Angel or Devil? then she simply smiles and says it depends on what are you looking for. I have to agree to her and it applies to anything. Nothing is good or bad absolutely and it just depends on who is using it.
"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." -Albert Einstein
It is not surprise to think that way for a genius like Einstein. We all can see what our schools are producing every year. I think he sees the school education as dumping information and facts into young mind rather than making them observe, think and learn.

We are trying to provide ready made answers to many of the basic questions without even allowing the children to think for their selves. Sometimes we ourselves don't know the answers but we don't hesitate to give borrowed answers to our children; and if the child asks further follow up questions for which we don't even have borrowed answers then we use several tactics to deviate the child from the topic. We may think that we are escaped from that situation but children can easily see that we don't know anything about it; this little EGO is killing their inquisitiveness.
"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood." -Fred Rogers

Can we let our children play and learn for them selves? Then we just need to watch and pad them for their new inventions. I believe every child has potential to do great things. Internet helps us to find answers to many questions with proper understanding. It is an action time to let go our little EGO and allow our children to do research, understand and learn on their own.



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