The promise on earth in front of my mother

That was the first time in my school history, I was subjected to a disciplinary action...

When they asked me to bring my parents to school, I was broken and felt very bad about it.

After I reached home, I busted out and started crying in front of my mother and I said that "I don't want to go to school anymore". She was shocked as I never ever bunked school and suddenly I was crying for not going to school. She never faced such situation in her life but she handled it pretty well.

She asked what happened, I told her the scene at school then she said that "It's okay, I will come to school tomorrow and talk to your teachers". Then I was relaxed as she responded to me very positively and she didn't judge me immediately.

I went to school with prepared mind that "Whatever might happens at school, I know what I am doing so I need not feel guilty about anything". The next day our school director called us and to my bad my mother arrived to school at the same.

She was sitting outside the director's chamber and we were asked come inside. We went inside and then he started giving speech about how important, it was to follow the discipline and etc. We were expecting that so  doing okay till then. Next he asked us to promise on the earth that "We will never do such mistakes again". We were shocked, what did we really do? What was he asking us to do?  Why was he making it so big? I knew my mother was watching the entire scene from outside but some how because of mental preparation, I was cool and I let go.

We did the promise as he asked. To add to it, there were some more interesting things happening around. The rules of our director, he gives a pen if we get top marks or punishment of 100 sit ups if we fails. So he asked us to do 100 sit ups and we started doing. In my mind, several thoughts were coming, what might be my mother thinking now? does she think I really committed a big sin? My mental preparation really helped me a lot there. I realized that I didn't have control over the situation so I let it go on its own way and I was at peace.

Whatever happened that day, my mother still kept her confidence in me and the day finally sailed.

Next couple of days, we had really hard time. Every teacher comes to class and ask us to stand up, humiliate and punish us. We learned to be strong and we didn't let their stupidity let us down, we became more focused and proved our worthy to everyone. Each of us are now successful in various fields.
"Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly." -John F. Kennedy

I think everything happens in life, is to make us strong for the life ahead so never fail to dare.



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