She effects me

Yes!! Everyone of you might be feeling same way..

When I first met her, she was way complicated for me. The way I grew, it was bit hard from me to understand her initially.

Being grown up in middle class Indian background, only thing that really mattered in my school days was studying. No encouragement for any kind of fun with girls; I couldn't even talk to any girl in my school time, and that was actually kind of taboo in my school at that time, I don't know the situation now. All the fun I had in my school days is with my buddies, we used to play games, fight for silly things, copy in exams, tease teachers and what not. But now everything is changed in my life after meeting her.

 Actually I wasn't quite ready for her when we first met. Only focus was her sexy figure and I used dream all the time about it. I didn't know what to speak with her, I was totally nervous in our initial days. You know those background thoughts about her figure while we were talking, at times she gives strange looks and shouts in sweet tone, where were you lost? Oh God please help me, handle this girl.

I realized that God already gave me sufficient strength to handle everything but it just took sometime for me to see that. I started observing how she interacts with others. Wow!! she is totally cool and cute. Slowly as time passed many events happened in our life and now we love each other so deeply.

She asked me many times about my childhood stories but I never shown interest to tell her about them. I thought they are boring so I kept on postponing but one day she insisted so I had to tell her. Amazingly she was not bored at all!! We enjoyed those moments with kisses and hugs.

Later when we met, she asked me a question. Can Indian kids directly learn from internet without any teacher? I knew where this was coming from...

While I was telling my childhood story, I said to her that I didn't know, why I went to school and why I was studying all these subjects. Even though my parents kept on saying that if you study well you will get good job then I asked, what happens next they said, you will get good girl to marry and you will have good family. And then I asked what happens after that and they were surprised as the never thought beyond it so they just said to me that you were asking to many questions. I was not convinced with their answers but there was no one to provide the right answer to me at that time.

She was then talking about self driven learning where one start from the big picture and come to tiny pieces. I said, "Wow that is very interesting!!". I was influenced by her idea. We started looking for answers and to our surprise many people around the global are using internet to improve education and make it self driven. Big thanks to Sugata Mitra, he is doing great work in that area.


He conducted several experiments with children of various ages. He provides computers with good internet connection to the children and let them explore on their own. We couldn't believe our selves, we thought, to learn anything we need a teacher but these kids did wonderful things without any teacher. Then we realized, actually internet is a collaboration of teachers across the globe and that is how all these are possible.
"Just as eating against one’s will is injurious to health, so studying without a liking for it spoils the memory, and it retains nothing it takes in." -Leonardo Da Vinci
 "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."  -Mark Twain
"Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is." -Isaac Asimov
Yes darling, It is the time, we should provide our children the power of internet and let them see the big picture and learn on their own at their own pace.



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