Hello Internet Friend!

I was introduced to my internet friend by Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur where I went to do graduation in Computer Science. I opened my first email account at IIT Kanpur. It may be little surprise for you but believe me there are many like me.

I loved my new friend very much she then introduced to many other friends in Google, Yahoo and Orkut etc. I fell in love with her and it went well initially. But then she and her friends demanding too much from me, I can't spend all my time with her but again I can't leave her for long also. I was totally screwed up by her.

She is a beautiful devil and very dangerous and attractive so I decided to avoid her. I couldn't avoid her completely but I got used to her so that initial excitement was gone then interesting things start coming into my life.

Now she looks like an angel to me and there is so much to explore in her. She knows many things like my engineering subjects, human evolution, politics, sports and what not. She even talks about GOD. Then one day I asked what are you, Angel or Devil? then she simply smiles and says it depends on what are you looking for. I have to agree to her and it applies to anything. Nothing is good or bad absolutely and it just depends on who is using it.
"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." -Albert Einstein
It is not surprise to think that way for a genius like Einstein. We all can see what our schools are producing every year. I think he sees the school education as dumping information and facts into young mind rather than making them observe, think and learn.

We are trying to provide ready made answers to many of the basic questions without even allowing the children to think for their selves. Sometimes we ourselves don't know the answers but we don't hesitate to give borrowed answers to our children; and if the child asks further follow up questions for which we don't even have borrowed answers then we use several tactics to deviate the child from the topic. We may think that we are escaped from that situation but children can easily see that we don't know anything about it; this little EGO is killing their inquisitiveness.
"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood." -Fred Rogers

Can we let our children play and learn for them selves? Then we just need to watch and pad them for their new inventions. I believe every child has potential to do great things. Internet helps us to find answers to many questions with proper understanding. It is an action time to let go our little EGO and allow our children to do research, understand and learn on their own.



Education in India