An embarrassing moment at school

Dear. I am very sorry...

Me: There was a situation at my school which in we were portrayed as sinners and I may get emotional and cry in front of you if I start telling the story.

She, then hold my face with her hands and looked into my eyes and kissed on my forehead and hugged me.

She: Darling, you can tell me anything and I want to know everything about you. Even if you cry and become  emotional, I won't judge rather understand you.

Me: Thanks, I love you. Are sure, you want to hear the story?

She: Love you too. I am ready for anything, go ahead.

Pause... I closed my eyes. She waited for sometime and then hugged me, rubbed my head smoothly and padded my back. After few moments, I opened my eyes and looked into her eyes and took long breathe.

I: I am ready now.

She smiled and gave go ahead signal.

This incident happened in my 10th class. I was one of the top students of my class and my specialty was Mathematics and Physics. I used to be the first one to solve almost any problems still I never shown any kind of attitude to anyone so almost everyone loved me and some of them still loves me. I have deep feeling that everyone has some kind of charm and at right time they will shine so I never used to feel proud about my self. Everything was going well but one day...

I don't like writing and reading much but I like problem solving, listening and explaining so I never shown much interest in taking notes but none of our teachers used to bother me for that.

Our group was consisted of the coolest people and we didn't like our P.T (Physical Training) teacher because of his extras. We used to tease him a lot so he grew grudge on us and waiting for moment to take revenge.

He started observing our group. That day, he entered into our classroom all of sudden and asked us to show our note books. One guy was writing on small piece paper, I was on just writing numbers and answers and like that none of us were taking proper notes.

He took us out of the classroom...

Lets pause here. Please watch following video: A Vision beyond Education - India First Foundation School.

Wow!! Nice concept and thought provoking school. What are your thoughts on this school?



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