My mind couldn't rest for a while

My mind was full thoughts and anxiety so I couldn't sleep for couple hours. I knew, if I don't relax well, tomorrow I will feel tired and I can't put my 100% in anything.

I said to myself that "The world is waiting for such solution for a long time and it can easily wait for one more night, it is not going to make any difference to the world but if I sleep well, it really makes difference in my life". It worked!! Slowly my mind was calming down, I slept off and woke freshly.

I took my mobile to see what was the time. Wow!! I woke up 30 mins early than the normal time still I was feeling lot fresher than any day then I realized the importance of relaxing mind before sleep. You can also use this tip whenever your mind is not resting and giving you a big trouble while you are trying to sleep.

I called her to see if she was awake or still sleeping. I was waiting for her to pickup but she didn't pick up so I waited for some more time and I was about to end the call, she picked it up and said, "Come here fast!!", and she ended the call.

Oh... That was strange but she didn't wait for me to ask what was she up to? What choice did she left for me? So I reached her room and knocked the door. Oh... Wow!! That was my expression, when she opened the door.

More stories are coming soon. Now please sit back and enjoy this video: One-Moment Meditation - How to Meditate in a Moment.

Feeling refreshed!! Stay tuned with us and we will return back to you with a big smile :)



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