Birth of success on demand

She opened the door with design for SMS help service...

I: Wow!! You did it.

She: Yes, check if I am missing something here.

The core idea
There will be pool of counselors and when a student sends SMS to our service then the service will alert first three available counselors. The counselors can send their answers to the service and first received answer will be delivered to the student. If the student likes the answer then he/she can discuss further with the counselor otherwise the service will send answers from other counselors to the student. In case none of the three counselors respond then the service alerts next five available counselors and so on.

I: Darling, this is wonderful but I want to discuss my findings.

She: Okay, what are they?

Smartphone usage is increasing among Indian students. This article says that "70% of the students have smartphones" and also the internet usage is increasing and another article supports that and states that "83% students are using internet".

She: Wow!! that is good news so we shouldn't invest our time on building a solution which based on a old technology.

I: You are right. We shall wait for sometime and let the transition happen then we can build the right solution.

She agreed to it but still she was bit upset as we decided not to build her solution. I believe nothing goes waste and at right time we shall discover its use.

After few days, when we were watching "Face 2 Face with Sri Sri", we got this idea "Success on demand". In that show, the people around the globe were expressing their problems and one of the problem was "increasing suicidal rate among the youth". Being youth, we were influenced by this problem. Now a days, youth challenge them selves to have better comforts than others so it leads to competition. Many times they just get attached with idea of having more irrespective of the real necessity and they want to reach their goals very fast so it leads to stress; when they fail reaching their goals, they make wrong decisions.

There is nothing wrong in aiming for bigger things but there should be proper plan and understanding of the goal.

Planning for failure is a necessary step towards success but most of us fear of failure so we don't want to think about it but we need a backup plan if things goes out of control.

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts...
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