The game of problems

King asked his minister to announce a get together party in which everyone was welcomed.

The minister announced the same in the every part of the kingdom. Except for the king no one knew what was going to happen in the party so they all were excited and eagerly waited for that day to come and finally the day had come and all were gathered at one place.

The king had arranged nice dance and music so everyone started enjoying the party.

Couple of hours passed... slowly the crowd started becoming curious about the party and they started discussing with each other about their reasons so noise was increasing and the king noticed it and he thought it was the right time to introduce 'the game of problems' to them.

He had signaled to stop the music and dance and then slowly the crowd started paying attention to the king...

He gave everyone a paper and pen and asked to enter the top most problem that was bothering them and put in the basket.

Immediately lot of whispering started but after some time they all were settled and started putting their problems into the basket.

After everyone has finished, he asked them to pick up any problem from the basket and solve it. He further added that if you doesn't like a problem  then pick another one but the end of the party everyone should have one problem to solve.

They were puzzled initially but they started choosing the problems and the king was observing.

Everyone picking a problem and throwing again to basket and it continued...

At last everyone had picked up a problem. Any guesses what would be that problem?

Yes!! your guess is right. It was their own problem.

Some of us think that only our problems are big and everything is happening well for others but when look into others lives deeply then we will know everyone has problems. Once we change these beliefs and put sincere efforts then we will find solutions to all problems.

Breaking the Chain that holds Our Mind - The story of elephant and chain.

Once we are responsible and sincerely putting efforts to overcome every hurdle then help will come in some form. One of such help "Success on demand from Art of Living" is coming soon...

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