The biggest problem

A happy king took his horse and rode the horse into his kingdom...

Raju was coming towards and seeing him, the king stopped the horse and asked Raju, how was his day? Raju didn't reply anything and he was silent with sad face...

King: You look sad, What happened?
Raju: I had a cow and which used to give me milk and I used to sell it and earn money but now I lost the cow so as my earnings so as everything...
King: Oh... so this is the reason for your sadness.
Raju: Nodded his head and waiting for some help from the king.
King: When did you lose your cow?
Raju: A month ago...
King: Okay. What were you doing these days?
Raju: Searching for cow... what else can I do?
King: Are you still searching for the lost cow?
Raju: Yes... Everyday I come to market and see if my cow is there in the market... what else can I do?
King: How are you running your family now?
Raju: I saved some money from my milk business and now my family is living on it.
King: Why don't you buy another cow?
Raju: What if I lose it again? I can't risk my money on another cow.
King: Okay fair point but what are you really doing with your money now? If you keep on searching for your old cow then you will surely lose all your money without any risk. Don't you agree with my point?
Raju: Oh right, I will buy a new cow and start my business. Thanks for the help.

They both moved on their journey...

King met several other people on his further journey and learned that most of them were stuck with their problems thinking that it is the biggest problem and not progressing further in their life.

That was long day for the king... finally he returned to his palace. He relaxed for sometime then started thinking about the problems of his people and he decided to call his people and make them play "the game of problems".
I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. -Michael Jordan
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We will come back to you soon and tell more about "the game of problems" until then take care.



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