She is the one

Oh God... she did it...

It was already late night and I was very tired so I slept off without bothering much about the extra conversation.

In the dream, I saw that she was the one who sneaked into my room and chatted with my friend. May be unconsciously, I was thinking about her and that might have turned into such dream so I didn't want to ask her directly.

I know her, if she did that and I don't pay much attention to it, she will give me hints as she is a very curious girl.

I met her in the classroom and talking normally then she said, "Oh I feel like it has been long time since we met and what did you do yesterday night".

That was the first hint. To make her more curious, I told, nothing much and what about you?

She: I chatted with my old friend and it was veeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry fun talking to him.

She was getting more anxious...

Me: That is nice, who is he?

She wanted me to say that I also chatted with my school friend, but I didn't do it. I know how to tease her.

She: leave him now, first I want to ask you something. (in bit angry tone)

Me: Okay, tell me.

She: I can't sit doing nothing like you, how come you didn't do anything yesterday?

That's it. She was more curious about yesterday events and that was big sign.

Me: Oh, I also chatted with my school friend but there is nothing much to talk about it.

She: Is it? bbbbuttt what if I like to hear about it? (with shining face)

She was the one but I needed to 100% sure.

Me: Okay, we did some catch up and talked about funny events during our school times. You know everything about my school right, that's why I said, "Nothing much earlier".

She: Oh, really? you told me about everything... (sarcastically)

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I felt my heart. What about you?



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